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Steam 2001 part 2
July - September
Updated 1st December 2001
Not quite as planned due to delays and cancellations so this page starts with 5029 Nunney Castle on The Elgar Explorer on July 14th. The pictures show it passing Sutton's Park on the approach to Reading in the morning.

On 18th July I visited London to see The Cathedrals Express at various locations. The first picture shows 34016 Bodmin leaving Clapham Junction on the rear of the empty stock train from Alton to Victoria. The second shows it waiting to depart from Victoria and the remainder show it passing Wandsworth Road where it was brought almost to a stand by signals.

8 hours later the same train returned by the same route and is seen approaching Wandsworth Road and then standing in Victoria station.

The following day saw 34016 Bodmin taking the same train to Salisbury.
It is seen below passing Worting Junction (left 2 pictures, top row).

A week later, on 26th July, 34016 Bodmin took The Cathedrals Express to Bath and Bristol.
The right-hand 2 pictures, left, show the train at Earley on a hot, sunny, morning. It was running relatively slowly due to having to follow a late running stopping service and only getting a green a few moments before these pictures were taken.

The 9th August should have seen the return of  35005 Canadian Pacific to the main line but it had failed with a hot rear driving axle the previous weekend so once again 34016 Bodmin was called on to haul The Cathedrals Express. It is seen, left (2 lower right pictures), racing through Earley on a dull and wet day, right on time on the outward journey. This view is not normally an option at this time as it is looking directly into sun when it is shining.

On 4th August it was the turn of 
5029 Nunney Castle with The Torbay Express from Paddington to Kingswear and return. The lower 2 pictures (left) show it approaching Reading on the outward run just as the sun came out.

On 16th August 35005 Canadian Pacific finally made its Cathedrals Express debut (left).
The first 2 pictures on the top row show the train approaching Redbridge. The remainder were taken at the Eastleigh water stop.

2 days later The Elgar Explorer ran from Paddington to Worcester behind 5029 Nunney Castle and is seen (right) on the approach to Reading, just after leaving Sonning cutting.

On 23rd August 35005 Canadian Pacific took
The Cathedrals Express to Bath and Bristol.
It is seen (right) passing Earley in the morning.

Thursday 6th September produced 2 steam trains through Reading. First was the VSOE pullman from London to Stratford hauled by 4472 Flying Scotsman, seen approaching Reading General in the top 2 pictures (left). Second was 34016 Bodmin which was passing Reading West about an hour late (bottom 2 pictures, left), en route to Salisbury with The Cathedrals Express.

Saturday 8th September again saw two trains in the area. 34016 Bodmin took The Classical Connection from Alton to Stratford and return. The two top rows, left, show the outward working in heavy rain at Virginia Water during a pathing stop. The four right hand pictures in the bottom row, taken from a video clip, show the return working at Earley in fading light.

The left two pictures in the bottom row, above, show 5029 Nunney Castle in Sonning Cutting with
The Elgar Explorer from Paddington to Worcester, also on September 8th.

Thursday 20th September saw 35005 Canadian Pacific with
The Cathedrals Express at Earley. The viewpoint used is not normally suitable as it is looking directly into sun at this time but on this occasion it was very dull. The first five pictures were taken at quarter-second intervals and give some idea of the trains speed. The last picture has only become possible since the vegetation was cut back to lengthen the platform.

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